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Recovery Videos: Rebuilding with Resilience
Your town isn't the only one struggling to come back after *gestures wildly* everything. This special collection gives you the best most current advice on restarting your local economy and being more resilient no matter what the world throws at us next. 
Survey of Rural Challenges themes 2015 - 2021
24 mins
Building a Unified Community: Reaching and Rallying Everyone
29 mins
Zoom Towns - Supporting Rural Remote Work
32 mins
Making Downtown Look Full (even when it isn't)
29 mins
Refilling Your Business Pipeline video
29 mins
Placemaking Your Parks, Trails and Water: Building Community Stewardship
33 mins
Rebuilding Local Economy
24 mins
Restarting Local Shopping
27 mins
Food Builds Community
29 mins
Our Downtown Needs Help
These are the lessons to turn to when your downtown needs some help, whether it’s dead in the evenings or just dead! We have ways to bring more life and activity downtown, into the heart of your community.
Cheap Downtown Placemaking Ideas - $100 or less
33 mins
Reviving Your Dead Downtown
32 mins
Filling Empty Buildings
Fill big empty buildings with Shared Spaces
35 mins
The Arts Create our Future - More than just murals
Embedded Community Experience - See your town with new eyes
Bringing Life and Activity Downtown After 5
Our young people are moving away
Each year, another class of seniors graduates high school and most of them move away. Young families move into town, but they’re busy and don’t seem to get involved. How can small towns attract and retain young people? We have some practical ideas you can put into action right away.
Connecting with Kids - Engaging with Middle and High School Students
24 mins
Improving Rural Housing
24 mins
Attracting and Retaining Youth - from school age to young families
Our businesses need help with marketing and promotion
It’s never been easier to put marketing messages out into the world, but it’s never been more challenging to make marketing work for small town businesses. We’ll help to get the word out effectively so your businesses can prosper.
Beating the Online Competition - small town retail tactics that work
32 mins
Shop Local is worn out! What works today
36 mins
Cooperation Creates More Customers - Getting local businesses to work together
Stories that Sell - How rural people can easily market their business and town
The Future of Retail - Action steps for small towns
People are negative or stuck in the past
Too often, the challenge holding us back the most is our own people. Whether they are actively negative or just a little stuck in the past, these lessons help you shift some thinking. The trends lessons help push people’s thinking forward. Other lessons focus on getting things positive and keeping them there.
The Idea Friendly Method
24 mins
Idea Friendly Next Steps
32 mins
Dealing with Negativity and Opposition
If Your Idea is Against the Rules
23 mins
Seeing the Small Town Future - Positive rural trends
Change the Conversation - Why the Tour of Empty Buildings worked
We need more businesses, more jobs or a new approach to economic development
The way we do business in rural areas is not just a mom and pop model anymore. We’re redefining what a business is and what a job is. That means economic development has to change, too. These videos lay out the Innovative Rural Business Models and Rural Jobs Creation Strategies.
Survey of Rural Challenges 2021
24 mins
Grow Your Own Entrepreneurs - the Innovative Rural Business Models
Craft Entrepreneurs Create Prosperity - works in even the tiniest towns
30 mins
Empty Lot Economic Development
28 mins
Making Entrepreneurship Self-sustaining - Why training isn't the answer
Grow Your Food Business Ecosystem - expand the market for local foods
26 mins
Rural Jobs Creation Strategies
We need more volunteers
Volunteers are burning out. People just don’t step up for traditional volunteer jobs like they used to. With all the other change in society, volunteering has to change, too. These lessons share ways to unleash whole new ranks of people and maybe even change your thinking about the chaos that comes with them.
Big ideas? Small Steps! - The most common mistake we see
Events They’ll Attend - Creating them together
Before You Write Your Next Plan
25 mins
Idea Friendly Officials and Boards - open to new ideas
Finding More Volunteers