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Our Downtown Needs Help
Filling Up Downtown for the Holidays
Cheap Downtown Placemaking Ideas - $100 or less
Reviving Your Dead Downtown
Filling Empty Buildings
Shared Spaces - Filling BIG empty buildings together
The Arts Create our Future - More than just murals
Embedded Community Experience - See your town with new eyes
Bringing Life and Activity Downtown After 5
Our young people are moving away
Connecting with Kids - Engaging with Middle and High School Students
Attracting and Retaining Youth - from school age to young families
Our businesses need help with marketing and promotion
Restarting Local Shopping - reopening after quarantine
Shop Local is worn out! What works today
Cooperation Creates More Customers - Getting local businesses to work together
Stories that Sell - How rural people can easily market their business and town
The Future of Retail - Action steps for small towns
People are negative or stuck in the past
The Idea Friendly Method
Dealing with Negativity and Opposition
Seeing the Small Town Future - Positive rural trends
Before You Write Your Next Plan
If Your Idea is Against the Rules
The three biggest rural challenges and how to take action on them - from the Survey of Rural Challenges
Change the Conversation - Why the Tour of Empty Buildings worked
#IFourtown Opening your town up to new ideas, new people, new prosperity
We need more businesses, more jobs or a new approach to economic development
Rebuilding Your Local Economy - coming back after disaster
Refilling Your Business Pipeline
Zoom Towns - Rural Remote Work video
Grow Your Own Entrepreneurs - the Innovative Rural Business Models
Empty Lot Economic Development
Making Entrepreneurship Self-sustaining - Why training isn't the answer
Rural Jobs Creation Strategies
We need more volunteers
Big ideas? Small Steps! - The most common mistake we see
Events They’ll Attend - Creating them together
Idea Friendly Officials and Boards - open to new ideas
Finding More Volunteers