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Our Downtown Needs Help
Reviving Your Dead Downtown
Filling Empty Buildings
Shared Spaces - Filling BIG empty buildings together
The Arts - More than just murals
Embedded Community Experience - See your town with new eyes
Bringing Life and Activity Downtown After 5
Our young people are moving away
Connecting with Kids - Engaging with Middle and High School Students
Attracting and Retaining Youth - from school age to young families
Our businesses need help with marketing and promotion
Shop Local is worn out! What works today
Cooperation Creates More Customers - Getting local businesses to work together
Stories that Sell - How rural people can easily market their business and town
The Future of Retail - Action steps for small towns
People are negative or stuck in the past
#IFourtown Opening your town up to new ideas, new people, new prosperity
Seeing the Small Town Future - Positive rural trends
Dealing with Negativity and Opposition
Before You Write Your Next Plan
If Your Idea is Against the Rules
The three biggest rural challenges and how to take action on them - from the Survey of Rural Challenges
Change the Conversation - Why the Tour of Empty Buildings worked
We need more businesses, more jobs or a new approach to economic development
Grow Your Own Entrepreneurs - the Innovative Rural Business Models
Empty Lot Economic Development
Making Entrepreneurship Self-sustaining - Why training isn't the answer
Rural Jobs Creation Strategies
We need more volunteers
Big ideas? Small Steps! - The most common mistake we see
Events They’ll Attend - Creating them together
Idea Friendly Officials and Boards - open to new ideas
Finding More Volunteers

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