UPDATED: Ask your questions! New Q&A call coming April 10
February 22, 2020
With the turmoil around COVID19, we're moving this up to April 10, and we're opening the live call to everyone. We'll post the recording for members also.
Join us April 10, and ask us anything! Use the comments below to submit any questions. 

Where are you stuck?
Need an outside opinion on something?
Want to know if anyone else has tried something like you're thinking of?
Ask in the comments! We'll answer you in our live Q&A and open house on April 10. 

To catch the answers live, you'll be able to call in by phone or join us by Zoom on your phone, tablet or computer. You can also drop in here to see the recorded video. 

Open House

Like our new digs? We are so excited to show you around! We'll give you a guided tour around our new setup here, and answer any questions you have about what's new. 
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