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We're glad you're here! You're going to love how easy to use, secure and mobile-friendly this new site is. 

We know that no one likes change or extra work. We didn't make the decision to change lightly. We'll do our best to make this transition easy for you and help you over any rough spots. 

Moving Your Account

Do I need an account to sign up for the free April 10 Q&A call?

If you're just signing up for the free April call, you don't need to create an account. Just register here

Will my account transfer automatically?

To transfer your existing membership or to make a new purchase, you will create a new account on this site.
We recommend you set a new password (don't re-use your old one) to be more secure.

I'm a paid member. Will you copy my membership over?

We apologize that we cannot copy your payment details over from our previous host.
We will email you a personal link to bring over your existing membership.

When you click the link in your email, you'll be prompted to enter your email address. That will start your new member account here with a "free trial" that covers the full amount of paid membership you had remaining at our old site.

If you want to change to a different membership type than your old one, email us for a special link. For example, if you were monthly and want to switch to annual, you'll need a different link. We'll be glad to get that for you.

Can't find the email? Confused? Just contact us, and we'll help. 

Can I still access the old site?

Yes, for a short time. July 1 is the deadline.

For now, you can still watch videos at the old site using your existing account. Just know the deadline to move here is coming up July 1.

The old site will go offline when our hosting agreement there ends on July 1. 

Trouble? Confused? Did we mess up? Let us help.

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  • Reply to any email from either of us
  • Use the button below to start a new email (it may not work in all browsers because internet)
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Thank you for being patient and understanding!

This is what makes small town people great: we care about each other. 

Becky McCray and Deb Brown