Video Filling Up Downtown for Holidays by SaveYour.Town
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Video Filling Up Downtown for Holidays

Make your downtown look busy and full 

  • How to fill empty storefronts with pop-ups
  • Ways to decorate buildings you can't fill
  • 28 minute video to watch on your schedule
  • Sales close November 16, 2020
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Gearing up for the holiday shopping season in a small downtown is challenging in the best of years. And this is not the best of years.

  • Social distancing means fewer crowds. 
  • Events we look forward to every year have been cancelled or drastically modified. 
  • Businesses we've relied on as downtown anchors may be struggling or already closed. 
Who wants to shop downtown when it looks so empty?

Your challenge: make downtown look full or busy, even though it's actually less busy this year.
The complicating factor: respecting social distancing and helping people feel safe. 
Your advantage: This 28 minute video full of quick and cheap ideas.

We're showing you practical ways you can: 
  • Fill as many as you can with pop-ups. 
  • Decorate the windows of the rest really cheaply. 

SaveYour.Town videos are usually $20 each. You can get this special video to help your town recover for just $5.

SaveYour.Town's Becky McCray and Deb Brown share their real world experience.

Deb is a certified chamber executive who worked in local chambers for a decade. Becky was a local retailer for over 12 years. 

Together, they give you practical steps you put into action right away. 

What you'll learn

Popping Up Pop-ups

  • 6 ways to find local entrepreneurs to run pop-ups
  • Activities and projects that can fill even more empty spaces
  • 3 ways to get building owners to say yes
  • Easily dealing with the dreaded "liability" question 

Decorating Windows

  • Making your own decorations on the cheap
  • 3 scrounge-able decorations you might not have thought of
  • Easy ways organizations can fill a window
  • What you can do if the owner won't even let you through the door

You'll get a 28 minute video you can watch on your own or share with others in your community.

The usual holiday campaign won't cut it in 2020

  • Use the Idea Friendly Method to start filling your downtown immediately
  • Bring together new people to make it happen 
  • Experiment your way to a better downtown, lay a foundation for future events and businesses

This is not another tiresome live webinar

  • Short, to the point and interactive 28 minute video
  • Watch instantly on your schedule: anytime, on demand, starting now 
  • Recorded so you can pause, stop, rewind or watch again immediately

Here's a quick sample

Deb Brown and Becky McCray share the sneaky trick to filling empty car dealership buildings

No one knows quite how holiday shopping will go in 2020

Challenge: Renewed COVID outbreaks may mean new event restrictions

Events you've worked hard to revise and keep going may still get cancelled.
And rural areas are some of the hardest hit as we head into winter.

We can't rely on events to carry the holiday shopping season this year. 

Opportunity? Running to the City to shop may look less like fun

It's one of the biggest challenges to rural downtowns: locals "run to the city" to shop and make a day of it.

Who wants to run to the City when they're at a higher COVID-19 risk level?

Now maybe a great time to reintroduce shoppers to their own local stores. 

Will this video be recorded so I can watch later?

Yes, the video is recorded, and you'll be able to watch it immediately as soon as you complete your purchase. You are welcome to watch the video more than once, start and stop, or go back and watch again. You're not limited to watching from a single computer or with just one group.

What are your videos like? Will there be slides?

Not like the usual webinar! You get a short, straight to the point video you can watch anytime on demand. You see our faces, and we connect with you personally. There are no boring slides, and we focus on real-world examples, not theoreticals. 

What if I have questions?

You can ask questions two ways: in the comment box or via email. We always answer you personally. You can also share stories or examples you've seen. That helps everyone!

Will the video play on my computer? Or on my phone?

Either one! If you can watch a YouTube video, you can watch this video. That means you can use any device, any screen that can load a web page for you to login. Any PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android phone or tablet, smart TV or TV with a streaming box or stick should work. 
You don't need blazing fast internet. If your internet connection is slow, the video will automatically adjust to play at a lower resolution. 

How long is the video?

The video runs around 28 minutes. For a virtual watch party, schedule 35-45 minutes. You'll want that extra time to discuss what you watched and to network and talk with each other. 

Can I share the video with other people?

Yes! Once you’re registered, you can schedule more than one viewing so you reach as many people as possible. We encourage you to watch on your own or set up a virtual watch party. 

Who should I invite?

  • Your friends who love to do things with you
  • Visionaries like yourself
  • Positive thinkers and doers
  • Leaders and officials
  • Downtown associations, Main Streets, chambers
  • Economic development folks
  • Elected officials from your local municipalities, counties, or tribes
  • People who care about your town

What people say about SaveYour.Town videos

This video stimulated lots of note-taking and conversation between the business owners gathered at my house. Deb and Becky gave us some new ideas and several excellent examples of known models. I think some of us are thinking of pivoting our summer’s plans after participating in Wednesday’s event. Thanks for a well-thought out presentation!
Jonya Pacey, Minnesota
What a TERRIFIC marketing Video. I had 20 businesses show up to watch and they all left with new ideas and an excitement to get back and start implementing! I’ve already had 5 businesses reach out in less than 2 hours after it ended, that are already putting your ideas into action.
Mandy Walsh, City of Lampasas, Texas
There are always great take-aways from the videos that can be put into place immediately. One of my favorites is changing your store's evening vibe (different music, lighting, etc.) because evening shoppers are not the same as day time shoppers.
Diane Moore, Wheaton, Illinois

Your attitude about your town matters.

It’s the holidays during a pretty awful time. Let’s make it more exciting, fun and enjoyable for everyone by watching and working with lots of people, not just the same ten people.
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