We believe small towns can be saved by their own people using their own resources.

You've seen the headlines about remote workers flocking to rural "Zoom Towns."

Is your town ready for remote work? 
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Our Downtown Needs Help

  • Cheap Downtown Placemaking Ideas - $100 or less
  • Reviving Your Dead Downtown
  • Filling Empty Buildings
  • The Arts Create our Future - More than just murals
  • Bringing Life and Activity Downtown After 5

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People are negative or stuck in the past

  • The Idea Friendly Method
  • Dealing with Negativity and Opposition
  • Seeing the Small Town Future - Positive rural trends
  • Before You Write Your Next Plan
  • If Your Idea is Against the Rules

Our young people are moving away

  • Connecting with Kids - Engaging with Middle and High School Students
  • Attracting and Retaining Youth - from school age to young families

We need more businesses, more jobs or a new approach to economic development

  • Rebuilding Your Local Economy - coming back after disaster
  • Refilling Your Business Pipeline
  • Grow Your Own Entrepreneurs - the Innovative Rural Business Models
  • Empty Lot Economic Development

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Our businesses need help with marketing and promotion

  • Restarting Local Shopping - reopening after quarantine
  • Shop Local is worn out! What works today
  • Cooperation Creates More Customers - Getting local businesses to work together

We need more volunteers

  • Finding More Volunteers
  • Big ideas? - The most common mistake we see
  • Events They’ll Attend - Creating them together
  • Making Officials and Boards open to new ideas

Tour of Empty Buildings Toolkit

Tired of ignoring those empty buildings? Hear how Deb filled 11 empty buildings by showing them off.

Pop-Up Fair Course - Revive Your Dead Downtown

Your downtown needs more life and activity, and more businesses. Start with this simple, proven and repeatable event.